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    A big rig, also known as a semitrailer or a truck trailer, is a large truck with an attached trailer used for hauling freight. If you or a loved one have been hurt in a big rig accident in Los Angeles, first, you should know that you are entitled to receive compensation from the insurance company of the at-fault party. It’s never advisable to deal with them alone as most insurance companies try to deny or reduce victims’ claims. 

    Call an expert attorney at Golian Law Group today if you’ve been injured in a big rig accident so we can help you recover the maximum compensation you deserve. 

    Most Common Causes of Big Rig Accidents 

    The reasons for substantial rig accidents do not differ much from that of many kinds of road accidents. Below are some of the most common causes of significant rig accidents in Los Angeles: 

    Driver Fatigue 

    Driver fatigue is not an uncommon cause of road accidents, and these accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries or even death. Driver fatigue can result from not getting enough sleep and can have terrible effects on driving performance. For example, it can result in a shorter attention span, less effective reasoning, slowed reaction time, and poor memory. These driving impairments, due to fatigue, are one of the most prevalent causes of truck-related accidents.   

    Distracted Driving or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) 

    Driving while engaged in other activities, like texting or making phone calls, is another primary cause of big rig accidents. Reports from the National Safety Council (NSC) reveal that distracted driving due to cell phone use leads to about 1.6 million crashes each year in the United States. Furthermore, driving under the influence of toxic substances, such as alcohol or drugs, can impair a driver’s judgment and depth perception, leading to a catastrophic accident. 

    Poor Truck Maintenance 

    Lack of proper truck maintenance can cause defective tires and brake failure, among other problems. If the trucking company fails to maintain their vehicles properly, the chances of breakdown or failure will increase, resulting in a serious big rig accident. 

    Driving Above the Speed Limits 

    Many truck drivers fall into the temptation of driving above the speed limit to travel more miles because their pay is typically on a cents per mile calculation basis. Doing so can lead to catastrophic collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, or objects. 

    Inadequate Training 

    Lack of proper training by trucking companies to their drivers can increase the chances of significant rig accidents on the road. 

    Some Common Big Rig-related Accident Injuries 

    The outcome of a truck-related accident is never a pretty sight or pleasant experience for any one of the parties involved, especially the victim. Some of the most common injuries resulting from a big rig crash include:  

    • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), 
    • Spinal cord injuries, 
    • Whiplash and other neck injuries, 
    • Amputation of a limb, 
    • Burns and scars, 
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), 
    • Tendon and nerve lacerations, 
    • Concussions, 
    • Broken bones, and 
    • Death (in which case, the deceased’s family can file a wrongful death claim to recover compensation). 

    What Compensations are Recoverable for the Victim in a Big Rig Accident Lawsuit in Los Angeles? 

    The first step in knowing what kind of compensation you can recover for your injuries in a big rig accident is to determine who is liable for the accident. In Los Angeles, if they discover negligence on the truck driver’s part, then the truck driver and the company are generally held accountable. The following must stand to prove that the truck driver is negligent: 

    • The driver owed you a duty of care, 
    • The driver breached that duty, 
    • And as a result, it caused your injury. 

    Additionally, if multiple parties caused the crash, those involved may be held liable, and you may be able to maximize the compensation you obtain through various claims. You may be able to receive compensation for the following: 

    • Medical bills 
    • Loss of earning capacity 
    • Lost wages 
    • Pain and suffering 
    • Loss of enjoyment and quality of life. 

    Call Los Angeles Big Rig Accident Lawyer for Help 

    Filing an injury claim is usually a complex matter and can overwhelm you mentally and emotionally. The good news is that you don’t have to go through the hassle alone. An expert attorney at Golian Law Group can help you. We will help lift the burden off your shoulder by maximizing your compensation after your big rig accident. 

    The best part is that you don’t pay us unless we win. So, you can rest assured knowing we will represent you and fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

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