Personal Injury Lawyer  

    Personal injury is the legal term used for a situation where you have been hurt physically or emotionally due to another person’s negligent or purposeful act. 

    Some types of personal injury include amputation, back injury, broken bones, dog bite/animal attack, head injury, laceration injury, spinal injury, and many others. 

    Los Angeles Personal injury lawyer aims at helping victims that have been hurt due to someone else’s negligence by ensuring they are well compensated for their loss, being out of work, and their pain and suffering. 

    If someone else’s negligence or intentional act has caused you harm or serious injuries, the personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles at Golian Law Group will fight to make sure that you recover fair financial compensation to make up for your situation. 

    Personal Injury Liability 

    Knowing and proving that the other party is responsible for your injury is crucial to making a compensation claim against them. A person will be considered liable for an accident that results in damage and/or injury if their actions are proven to be negligent. 

    It can be proven that the other party was negligent in the following ways: 

    • The other party had a duty to act reasonably to avoid injuring you (duty of care), 
    • The other party breached this duty of care, 
    • The breach caused you harm and,  
    • Damages and losses were incurred. 

    It should be noted that if one or all of these points cannot be proven, the other party may not be held accountable for the injury you sustain. 

    However, there are ‘strict liability’ cases where the other party is automatically held responsible for the accident. In such a situation, no evidence of negligence or liability is required. 

    For example, suppose a defective product caused you harm. In that case, the manufacturer of such a product can be held strictly liable. In another example, if an owner’s dangerous animal hurts you, the owner can be held strictly liable for the injury you sustain. 

    What to do if You are Injured in an Accident 

    If you have been involved in an accident and sustain injuries due to another person’s negligence, taking the following steps will protect your rights and increase your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve: 

    Get Medical Help 

    The first thing you need to do after your accident is to get medical attention, especially if your injury is serious. If you delay getting medical help, the insurance company will raise a defense claiming that you were not injured from the accident. Some insurance companies use that as leverage to declare that the victim’s insurance claim is fake. This is why you must ensure to get immediate medical attention after your accident.  

    Call the Police and Have them Make a Report 

    The next thing to do is to have the police come on the scene and carry out a preliminary investigation to determine who caused the accident. They will interview the parties involved in the accident, interview the eyewitnesses, inspect the vehicles (if you’ve been involved in an auto accident), and examine the accident scene. This is important because determining who is at fault helps in proving liability, hence increasing your chance of receiving compensation. 

    Give Detailed Information About Your Injury 

    It is crucial that you describe your injury in detail when receiving your initial medical treatment. Do not assume it is going to get better; be sure to have recorded every pain your body feels – no matter how slight, so if it occurs that the pain intensifies in the future, it will be linked back to the accident. The details in your medical records will be used when your personal injury claim is being evaluated later. Again, this will increase your chance of getting compensated. 

    Do Not Apologize 

    Try not to utter a word of apology to the other party as doing so can cause their insurance company to assume you’re admitting fault. Also, ensure that you do not give a statement to any insurance company; as it is likely that the insurer uses your statement against you when you’re seeking compensation

    Consult with an Attorney 

    Unlike the insurance company, an attorney has your best interest at heart and will fight to ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible. Hiring a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to hold your hand through the process can make it less overwhelming for you. 

    How a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help 

    Being involved in an accident and having to deal with the aftermath is never a walk in the park, especially if your injuries are serious. To recap, you should first know that if you get hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to receive compensation for your injuries and hurt from their insurance company. 

    This is where the expert attorneys at Golian Law Group can help. We handle a variety of personal injury cases such as motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, workplace injury, medical negligence, and so much more.  

    A personal injury attorney at our firm will do the following for you: 

    • Obtain facts and evidence to support your personal injury claim if you haven’t. 
    • Get you the medical help you need. 
    • Make the process less overwhelming. 
    • Make you aware of all your options and advise you on choosing the best one. 
    • Analyze and counter the defendant’s evidence. 
    • Represent you in court. 
    • Negotiate a fair settlement. 
    • Increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. 

    Irrespective of how you got hurt; as long as it was caused by another party (knowingly or unknowingly), a personal injury lawyer knows just what to do to provide the best outcome possible for your case. 

    Contact Golian Law Group today to get started on your case! 

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